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Newspaper Articles & Ads from 1970

Las Vegas, January 26 - February 23, 1970

The Arizona Republic (February 15, 1970) (Newspaper Ad)

"A Gross top-grosser - Elvis Presley at Las Vegas" by Albert Goldman
Life (March 20, 1970) (Concert Review)

Houston, February 27 - March 1, 1970

The Deer Park Progress (February 19, 1970) (Newspaper Ad)

"Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Opens Feb. 27"
The Brookshire Times (January 1, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Tickets Ready"
The Brookshire Times (January 29, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Presley Afraid Of The Dome"
Galveston Daily News (February 27, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Houston's Stock Show Opens Schedule Today"
The Victoria Advocate (February 25, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"People On Parade"
The Victoria Advocate (March 1, 1970) (Post-Concert Article)

"Elvis Brings Down House At The Dome" by Charles Garder
Houston Post (March 1, 1970) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Back, Better Than Ever, And Packing Dome" by Thom Hansard
Houston Chronicle (Concert Review)

"Elvis Draws Credit For Record Crowd"
The Port Arthur News (March 10, 1970) (Concert Review)

On Tour, Sept. 9 - Sept. 14, 1970

September 9, 1970 (8:30 pm) Phoenix, AZ.

The Arizona Republic (August 9, 1970) (Newspaper Ad)

Tucson Star Citizen (September 6, 1970) (Newspaper Ad)

"Presley fans were "unlucky" by Thomas Goldthwaite
Arizona Republic (September 10, 1970) (Concert Review)

"Don't Call Him "Pelvis" Just Call Him The King" by Ken Burton
Tucson Daily Citizen (September 10, 1970) (Concert Review)

"The Presley Era And Where It Has Gone" by Jerry Eaton
Arizona Republic (September 10, 1970) (Concert Review)

September 10 1970 (8:30 pm). St Louis MO.

"Imitation of 1956 Elvis Brings Squeals At Kiel" by Thomas B. Newsom
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (September 11, 1970) (Concert Review)

September 11, 1970 (8:30 pm) Detroit, MI.

"Coming To Olympia"
The Windsor Star (August 25, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Strike Threatens Show by Presley"
Detroit Press (September 9, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Screaming Fans Tell Elvis They're Still His" by A.L. McClain
Detroit News (September 12, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Rocks And 17,000 Roar" by Tom DeLisle
Detroit News (September 12, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

September 12, 1970 (8:30 pm) Miami, FL.

"Well, Mom, It All Started Back At "Heartbreak Hotel" by Susan Brink
The Miami News (September 7, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"It's Quicksilver For Love, And Elvis Just For You" by Susan Brink
The Miami News (September 14, 1970) (Concert Review)

"He Still Ain't Nuthin But A Hound Dog" by The Associated Press
News-Herald (September 14, 1970) (Concert Review)

September 13, 1970 (3:00 pm) Tampa, FL.

"Elvis: Audience Shares His Past" by Jack McClintock
St. Petersburg Times (September 14, 1970) (Concert Review)

September 14 1970 (8:30 pm). Mobile AL.

"Elvis Fans Grab Mobile Tickets"
The Mobile Register (August 21, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Auditorium Has Record Ticket Sale"
The Mobile Register (August 22, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"New Auditorium Record Viewed"
The Mobile Register (Septermber 3, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Tickets Are Stolen"
The Mobile Register (Septermber 15, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Gives Great Show For Sell-Out Audience" by Mignon V. Kilday
The Mobile Register (September 15, 1970) (Concert Review)

On Tour, Nov. 10 - Nov. 17, 1970

November 10, 1970 Oakland, CA.

"Elvis Shows Off Sense of Humor" by John L. Wasserman
San Francisco Chronicle (November 13, 1970) (Concert Review)

November 11, 1970 Portland, OR.

"Old Elvis Come Through To Delight Of Devotees" by John Wenderborn
The Oregonian (November 12, 1970) (Concert Review)

Sold-Out Coliseum Only Way To Know Elvis Presley in Town" by Early Deane
The Oregonian (November 12, 1970) (Concert Review)

November 12, 1970 Seattle, OR.

"Presley's show no blockbuster" by Janine Gressel
Seattle Daily News (November 13, 1970) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Still Has It" by Stephanie Miller
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (November 13, 1970) (Concert Review)

November 14 1970 (8:30 pm). Los Angeles CA.

"Elvis Presley in Concert at Forum on Nov. 14"
Los Angeles Times (October 9, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Fans Jam The Forum for Elvis" by Robert Hilburn
Los Angeles Times (November 16, 1970) (Pre-Concert Article)

November 15, 1970 San Diego, CA.

"Elvis Remains Rock'n'Roller Ruler" by Carol Olten
The San Diego Union (November 16, 1970) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Still In Form, Fills Sports Arena" by Paul Omundson
San Diego Evening Tribune (November 16, 1970) (Concert Review)

November 16, 1970 Oklahoma City, OK.

"11,000 Fans Wild Over Elvis Presley" by Jon Denton
The Daily Oklahoman (November 17, 1970) (Concert Review)

"Is That All Of Elvis ?" by Howard Inglish
The Oklahoma Journal (November 17, 1970) (Concert Review)

November 17 1970 (8:30 pm). Denver CO.

"Elvis Fans Turn Out -- 11,500 strong" by Thomas MacCluskey
Rocky Mountain News (November 18, 1970) (Concert Review)