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Elvis' fans like to learn about information regarding his concerts, but their fascination for PICTURES of the King is nothing short of phenomenal. Elvis has been and perhaps always will be the most photographed entertainer in the world.

In this section, thanks to the collaboration of many generous fans, we are able to display more than 2,000 pictures of Elvis "taking care of business" as only he can. Take a look!

Check also at the bottom of this page for addresses to where to buy Elvis photos, keep in mind that these photos posted here have a lower resolution and the ones sold by these people are magnificient.

June 7, 1975. (2:30 pm) Shreveport, LA.
Added: January 21, 2019

November 6, 1971 (2:30 pm). Cleveland, OH.
Added: January 21, 2019

March 1, 1970 (7:45 pm). Houston, TX.
Added: December 30, 2017





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