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In this section you can find articles that newspapers published before and after Elvis concerts. Every time I travel to a city where Elvis performed, I always pay a visit to the local public library to bring those articles. If you live in or close to a city where Elvis performed, it would be great if you can get those articles and send them to us.

A big thanks to people who sent newspaper reviews like Scott Hayward, Jim Bolton, REX's 1970s -WORLDWIDE ELVIS NEWS SERVICE WEEKLY, Sebastiano Cecere, Archie Bald, Geoffrey McDonnell, Kurt Hinkle and many more.Also the Public Libraries aroud US that took the time and their resources to send all the information from the 50s. Thank you.

October 9, 1955 Cherry Springs, TX.
Brady Standard (October 7, 1955) (Newspaper Ad)
Added: April 2, 2016

August 26, 1955 Gonzales, TX.
Moulton Eagle (August 26, 1955) (Newspaper Ad)
Added: April 2, 2016

October 3, 1955 College Station, TX.
Bryan Daily Eagle (October 2, 1955) (Newspaper Ad)
Added: March 30, 2016

June 26 1974 (8:30 pm). Louisville KY.
"Elvis!. The Presley appeal outlasts the years" by Billy Reed
Added: February 27, 2016

September 11, 1970 (8:30 pm) Detroit, MI.
"Elvis Rocks And 17,000 Roar" by Tom DeLisle
Added: February 27, 2016

November 7, 1971. Louisville, KY.
"Some of Elvis Presley's fans are old enough to be his grandparents." Bill Petersen
    The Courier-Journal (November 7, 1971) (Pre-Concert Article)

    "Elvis Is Back! And The Hall Rocks - Like 1956 All Over Again" by Bill Petersen
    Added: February 21, 2016