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Newspaper Articles & Ads from 1973

Honolulu, HI. Jan. 12 & Jan. 14, 1973

January 12, 1973. Honolulu, HI.

"Gold Crown Awarded to "King" Elvis" by Wayne Harada
Honolulu Advertiser (January 14, 1973) (Concert Review)

Las Vegas, Jan. 26 - Feb. 23, 1973

February 18, 1973. Midnight Show. Las Vegas, NV.

"Elvis Gets Ovation For One Punch" by The Associated Press
Vegas Visitor (February 22, 1973) (Post-Concert Article)

On Tour, Apr. 22 - Apr. 30, 1973

April 22, 1973 Phoenix, AZ.

"Elvis Presley Wows Fans At Coliseum" by Jack Swanson
The Arizona Republic (April 24, 1973) (Concert Article)

April 23, 1973 Anaheim, CA.

"Elvis Presley - Ardent Fans Surprised by Subdued Rhythm Rendition" by Kim Ortiz
Anaheim Bulletin (April 24, 1973) (Concert Article)

April 25, 1973 Fresno, CA.

"Elvis' Debut Excites Fresnans"
Fresno Bee (April 6, 1973) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Presley Show Fails To Sell All Fresno Tickets"
Fresno Bee (April 13, 1973) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Plans Fresno Night Stopover-With Secrecy, Heavy Security" by David Hale
Fresno Bee (April 20, 1973) (Pre-Concert Article)

"On The Aisle: Elvis Presley" by David Hale
Fresno Bee (April 26, 1973) (Concert Review)

April 26, 1973 San Diego, CA.

"Elvis Still Rock Royalty" by John Wenderborn
The San Diego Union (April 27, 1973) (Concert Review)

"Young, Old Pay Royal Tribute - Capacity Arena Crowd Hails King Elvis" by Joe Cromwell
San Diego Evening Tribune (April 27, 1973) (Concert Review)

April 27, 1973 Portland, OR.

"Elvis of old excites 13,000 at Coliseum" by Carol Olten
The Oregonian (April 28, 1973) (Concert Review)

April 28, 1973. Spokane, WA.

"Crowd Greets Elvis"
Spokane Daily Chronicle (April 28, 1973) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Coming Here Today"
Spokesman Review (April 28, 1973) (Pre-Concert Article)

"Elvis Show Incredible" by Wayne Carlson
Spokane Daily Chronicle (April 30, 1973) (Concert Review)

"Elvis As Magnetic As Ever" by Kent Swigard
Spokesman Review (April 29, 1973) (Concert Review)

April 29, 1973 (8:30 pm). Seattle, WA.

"Wiggling Elvis Sings Seattle Into a Frenzy" by Steve Chensvold
Seattle Post Intelligencer (April 30, 1973) (Concert Review)

"Elvis excites two Arena audiences" by Patrick MacDonald
Seattle Times (April 30, 1973) (Concert Review)

April 30 1973 (8:00 pm). Denver CO.

"Elvis Proves He's Still The King" by Clark Seacrest
The Denver Post (Concert Review)

Lake Tahoe May 4th - May 20th 1973

"...Night Sounds" by Perry Phillips
Oakland Tribune (May 11, 1973) (Concert Review)

On Tour Jun. 20 - Jul. 3, 1973

June 20 1973 (8:30 pm). Mobile AL.

"Elvis Attracts Young And Old" by Mignon Kilday
Mobile Press (June 21, 1973) (Concert Review)

June 21, 1973. Atlanta, GA.

"And --- Wow! It Was Elvis" by Gregory Jaynes
The Atlanta Constitution (June 22, 1973) (Concert Review)

"Elvis: Mr Cool Tore 'Em Up" by Scott Cain
The Atlanta Journal (June 22, 1973) (Concert Review)

June 22, 1973. Uniondale, NY.

"Presley Mixes His Early Hits with More Recent 'Safe' Songs" by Ian Dove
New York Times (Concert Review)

June 25 1973 (8:30 pm). Pittsburgh PA.

"Elvis - Arena Fans Show They Still Love Him Tender" by Pete Bishop
The Pittsburgh Press (June 26, 1973) (Concert Review)

"First Area Appearance, Elvis Proves He's King" by Jim Reynolds
Beaver County News (Concert Review)

June 27 1973 (8:30 pm). Cincinnati OH.

"Ecstatic Elvis Fans Pay Homage At Gardens" by Jim Knippenberg
The Cincinnati Enquirer (June 28, 1973) (Concert Review)

"Rock: The Presley Panic" by John Eliot
The Cincinnati Post (June 28, 1973) (Concert Review)

June 28 1973 (8:30 pm). St Louis MO.

"Elvis Presley At Kiel Minus Body Theatrics" by Dick Richmond
St. Louis Post Dispatch (June 29, 1973) (Concert Review)

"An Older, Uncomfortable-looking Elvis...And Not A Brow Is Raised" by Johnson Peters
St Louis Glode Democrat (June 29, 1973) (Concert Review)

July 2 1973 (8:30 pm). Oklahoma City OK.

"Elvis Can Still Work His Magic" by John Accord III
The Daily Oklahoman (July 3, 1973) (Concert Review)

Las Vegas, Aug. 6 - Sept. 3, 1973

August 11, 1973. Midnight Show. Las Vegas. NV.

"Hilton's "All shook up" by Barney Glazer
Vegas Visitor (Concert Review)