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About us

Elvis Presley in Concert is a collection of information that has been compiled by Francesc Lopez, a native of Barcelona, Spain who now resides in California. Francesc became an Elvis fan the moment he heard his first Elvis song on the radio in 1990: In the Ghetto. Since then he has communicated with fans in many countries, and collects music, books and other information related to concerts. Francesc does not collect memorabilia, nor sell any type of Elvis products. He is fascinated by the sheer entertainment genius of Elvis, and enjoys his music very much.

The website was created in 1996, and over the years has grown and expanded into many categories. This could not have been accomplished without the generous and faithful help of other Elvis fans in the US and Europe. Some have graciously sent an article or a photo, and others have now been contributing for years. Still others are invaluable in helping identify and verify that the information is accurate. Francesc would like to personally thank all of these who have made the Elvis Presley in Concert website possible.

Designs Thru The Years

Since 1996, when the Elvis Presley in Concert website was created, we have changed our overall design and individual sections quite a bit. The site has evolved from the most basic design, with only three sections dedicated to "Concerts in Vegas," "Concerts in Tahoe" and "On Tour;" to all of that, plus much more, including a multi-field searchable database.

Thanks to the "Wayback Machine" website, we were able to capture some screenshots from those old designs that bring back great memories. Some of the screenshots are missing a few graphics due to the fact that the WayBack Machine website sometimes didn't store all of them. You can click on the photos to view a larger version of the original pages.

(Approx. 1997-1999)

This is a screenshot from December 1998. There was a logo of the front end of a vintage car with the words "Elvis Presley in Concert" in front of it. Sadly, that image was not captured here. The rest of the main page under the logo was a rudimentary design with all the menu selections located right in the middle of the screen, within boxes. Notice the brick background that is still within our main logo nowadays.

(Approx. 2000-2001)

Screenshot from May 2001: This logo design was done by Brian from the "Kings Realm" website. The menu section did not have boxes or a border. Each subsection reached by clicking on menu items had its own unique format.

(Approx. 2001-2006)

Screenshot from August 2001: The design was completely changed. The main logo remained the same, but the menu in teal font was moved to the left margin. The subsequent pages were made consistent by using the same uniform format on every page.

(Approx. 2006-2011)

Screenshot from September 2006: A most modern design was created with 3 vertical sections. This design was much easier to manage, and much easier to visualize.

(Approx. 2011-??)

Screenshot from March 2011: This is a similar design to the one above, but with many changes in the color scheme. This is our latest design (for now) and I hope you like it!