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On Tour Concerts

Elvis went back on the road in 1970, starting out in Houston, Texas. He sang to audiences of 207,494 fans in six shows. The first real tour was on 9th to 14th September, during six days Elvis did eight concerts in cities like Florida or Tampa where he performed two daily shows selling out !!. The second tour began, after two months resting in Graceland, in the west coast. There were two shows in Los Angeles beating the Rolling Stone's record in ticket sales ($313,463)

In 1971 Elvis performed only a tour after two big series in Las Vegas and his first engagement in Lake Tahoe. This tour had a total of fourteen shows in twelve days and J. D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet replaced the Imperials and they joined the Sweet Inspirations . The orchestra was the same that from Las Vegas Show with Joe Guercio.

Three tours were performed by Elvis in 1972. In the first tour M-G-M and RCA tecnhnicians accompanied to record shows for the film documentary Elvis On Tour. The second tour , Elvis had a big hit in New York getting 80,000 fans with grossed $730,000 in four concerts, after New York's concerts Elvis performed Milwaukee , Chicago with three concerts and 55,000 fans.

Aloha from Hawaii is the most popular concert in 1973 . The total estimated audience was well over one billion and the concert costing was $2.5 million.

The other two tours were in April and the late June. The April tour had twelve concerts in nine days in cities like Phoenix, Anaheim, San Diego, Seattle or Denver...The late June tour was a bit more longer with seventeen concerts performed in fourteen days.

1974 was a busy year. Four tours , two Las Vegas engagements and two Tahoe engagements for a total 158 concerts. Elvis came back to Houston with two concerts and the fans like in 1970 filled the Astrodome with more 85,000 fans and he was in Los Angeles in front 37,000 in two days

Elvis after his usual engagement in Las Vegas was on the road , two weeks for the South plus a benefit concert in Mississippi.

June and July of 1975 were two months plenty of concerts in uncontable cities for over America. In Pontiac Elvis did a concert for New Years Eve for 60,500 fans.

128 concerts in short nine tours besides short Las Vegas engagement and Lake Tahoe for a 1976. Elvis did several good concerts during 1976 like Fort Worth in June finishing with an incredible December month

The last year in his death , Elvis performed five tours for a total 55 concerts. In Chicago he performed for almost 40,000 fans in two days. The last show was in Indiana for 16,500 fans...

Elvis fans from New York City to Los Angeles can only imagine what it takes for a well-trained crew to maintain the venue before and after a show. Cleaning a large concert venue after thousands of fans have passed through is a daunting task for any professional cleaning service.