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Early Shows

Elvis began his adult performances on July 17, 1954, but before this he held one in a school auditorium on the evening of April 9, 1953 during the Humes High School 'Annual Minstrel Show.' The first ones were held in his hometown, but Memphis soon became too small for this great performer and he began to "wow" fans in other cities as well.

In 1954, Elvis did many concerts: amateur concerts, benefits, and his first professional ones. These took place in sites like the Bon Air Club, the Bel Air Motel, the Eagle's Nest, and Bellevue Park. These clubs were the first ones lucky enough to hear Elvis On Stage. He then began to extend his concerts into Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas......and Highway 79 became a path to Heaven !

In 1955, Elvis did several tours outside of Memphis. On Sunday, February 6th, he met Colonel Tom Parker... and you already know the rest of the that story! Thousands and thousands of miles, more than 30 tours, festivals and jamborees followed.

By 1956, Elvis had become The King Of Rock 'n Roll. Through his initial hits on the RCA label, his TV shows and his first movies, he endeared 54 million fans, and now there are 54 million or even more fans with the same mindset: Elvis is the one and only !!!

By 1957, Elvis didn't do many concerts. He did studio sessions and soundtracks with RCA, followed by a stint with the US Army!

By 1961, After coming back from the Army and recording some big hits, Elvis did only three concerts for charity.