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Newspaper Articles & Ads from 1971

Las Vegas, January 26 - February 23, 1971

"Elvis Returns To International"
Las Vegas Review Journal (January 27, 1971) (Concert Review)

Las Vegas Sun (January 27, 1971) (Article)

Lake Tahoe, Jul. 20 - Aug. 2, 1971

"Elvis Presley Sahara Hotel July 20"
San Mateo Times (July 2, 1971) (Article)

On Tour, Nov. 5 - Nov. 16, 1971

November 5, 1971 (8:30 pm). Minneapolis, MN.

"Elvis Sets Off A Storm Of Light"
Minneapolis Tribune (November 6, 1971) (Concert Photo)

"Thousands Cheer As Elvis Takes Stage" by Mike Anthony
Minneapolis Tribune (November 6, 1971) (Concert Review)

November 6, 1971 (2:30 pm). Cleveland, OH.

"Lined Up For Elvis"
The Plain Dealer (October 5, 1971 (Concert Photo)

"Presley To Give Extra Matinee"
The Plain Dealer (October 6, 1971) (Pre-Concert Article)

The Plain Dealer (October 22, 1971) (Pre-Concert Article)

The Plain Dealer (October 31, 1971) (Pre-Concert Article)

"The Way It Was at the Cleveland Public Hall" by Joanne Galleta
Titusville Herald (November 12, 1971) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Is Back Like A Black Tornado" by Jane Scott
Plain Dealer (November 7, 1971) (Concert Review)

November 7, 1971. Louisville, KY.

"Some of Elvis Presley's Fans Are Old Enough To Be His Grandparents." by Bill Petersen
The Courier-Journal (November 7, 1971) (Concert Review)

"Elvis Is Back! And The Hall Rocks - Like 1956 All Over Again" by Bill Petersen
The Courier-Journal (November 8, 1971 )(Concert Review)

November 8, 1971 (8:30 pm). Philadelphia, PA.

"Elvis! A First-Class Bargain At Only $125,000 An Hour" by Jack Lloyd
Philadelphia Inquirer (November 7, 1971) (Pre-Concert Article)

"16,000 Scream as Presley Brings Back Rock and Roll" by Jack Lloyd
Philadelphia Inquirer (November 9, 1971) (Concert Review)

November 9, 1971 (8:30 pm). Baltimore, MD.

"Female Screams Mute Even Drums, Thumpets" by Larry Carson

    The Evening Sun (November 10, 1971) (Concert Review)

    November 10, 1971 (8:30 pm). Boston, MA.

    "Elvis May Play Garden In November" by Ernie Santosuosso
    Boston Globe (Concert Review)

    "In Praise of Elvis Presley" by Jon Landau
    Rolling Stone Magazine (Concert Review)

    "15,000 Cheer Him On, Elvis Rocks The Garden" by Ernie Santosuosso
    Boston Globe (Concert Review)

    November 11, 1971 (8:30 pm). Cincinnati, OH.

    (October 28, 1971) (Pre-Concert Article)

    "Presley Fan Sees "The King's Performance" In Cincy After Years In Seclusion: Fantastic" by Judy Banning
    Journal News (November 16, 1971) (Concert Article)

    "Elvis Really Tears 'Em Up" by Jim Knippenberg
    The Cincinnati Enquirer (November 12, 1971) (Concert Review)

    November 12 1971 (8:30 pm). Houston TX.

    "Presley Remains A Magic Figure" by Janis Parks
    The Houston Post (November 13, 1971) (Concert Review)

    November 13 1971 (8:30 pm). Dallas TX.

    "Musical Muscles Of Elvis Presley" by Philip Wuntch
    The Dallas Morning News (November 15, 1971) (Concert Review)

    November 14, 1971 Tuscaloosa, AL.

    "Elvis Turns On In Tuscaloosa" by Scott Cain
    The Atlanta Journal (November 15, 1971) (Concert Review)

    "Elvis: 'He Was Beautiful'" by Paul Davis
    Tuscaloosa News (November 17, 1971) (Concert Review)