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CONCERT DATE: November 7, 1971 Louisvilla, KY.
Some of Elvis Presley's fans are old enough to be his grandparents.
by Bill Peterson
The Courier-Journal
November 7, 1971

Elvis Presley's two leading fans in Louisville are an unlikely pair.

They're well past middle age. They don't shreik at the sound of his voice. They don't faithfully collect his records. Nor do they swoon.

To tell the truth, they don't even care that much for rock 'n' roll.

But just the same, when Elvis comes here for a 2:30 p.m. performance at Freedom Hall today, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse D. Presley will be there.

Jesse Presley, 74, you see, is Elvis' grandfather. And Mrs. Presley is his step-grandmother. Today will be the second time the senior Presleys will see their favorite grandson perform. The last time was Nov. 25, 1956, the last time Elvis performed in Louisville.

Jesse, whose own singing career floundered after three television appearances in 1958, probably shouldn't go. He had a heart attack last Christmas and has been in bad health ever since.

Says Mrs. Presley: "Some have asked, Do you think he can live through it?' "I tell them I know he can't live without going. He loves that boy."

The Presleys live in a small bungalow in southern Louisville. Elvis visited them for lunch the last time he appeared in town, and left them with a new car, a television set and a $100 bill.

"There must have been 500 people follow him," Mrs Presley recalls. "They'd like to have killed us the way they swarmed around. Elvis told us that day, "Grandma, I'll never be back here again. This is too much trouble for y'all.

The Presleys don't know if they'll get a chance to visit their grandson today. "We don't know anything more about him being here than you do," she said. "All we know is that we'll be there for the concert."

If you're thinking about joining them, forget it unless you've already bought your tickets. The concert has been a sellout for almost three weeks.

Freedom Hall spokesmen expect upwards of 18,550 person, the largest and richest gate in the hall's 15 year history.

Courtesy of Archie Bald