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CONCERT DATE: September 2, 1957. Portland, OR. Multnomah Stadium

14,600 Fans Squeal, Jump As Elvis Shakes, Gyrates
The Oregonian
September 3, 1957

All Shook up.
That's putting it mild.

But there wasn't anything mild about the reaction of some 14,600 fans who cut their touches Monday night in Multnomah stadium when Elvis Presley took over.

Stadium officials, special policemen and civic dignitaries alike mopped their brows and said they'd never seen anything like it.

And maybe they never will again. There those who might hope so.

Elvis was spirited to the stadium by some means known only to his managers and appeared garbed in a conservative light jacket and jeweled belt, at a press conference hand by the shower rooms in the Multnomah club.

There, he answered questions put to him by fan clubs members contest winners, press and radio representatives, and then was whisked away to do the gold lame and brilliant-studded jacket that has become one of his trademarks.

Fans Scream Up Storm

Mayor Terry Schrunk was seated in the front of a waiting white Lincoln convertible. Elvis was assisted to a perch on the back, someone gave a secret signal, and the panic was on.

Around the stadium floor he rode, waving and shaking his clasped hands and the kids - and the adults too - in the stands screamed up a storm.

It was bedlam, noise-wise but physically it was the true Portland conservative tradition.

Maybe they would have liked to, but no one swarmed out of the stands and onto the stadium ground as has happened in other cites and as is feared and guarded against by the Presley entourage.

The fans were primed. They had been listening for more than an hour to other entertainers who helped build up the beat. And when Elvis finally appear, they cut loose.

They Scream and Jump

They screamed and they stamped their feet and they jumped and they swayed from side to side.

As one of the 100 police reserves called to special duty observed, if they came to hear him sing, they were defeating themselves. But they were having a wonderful time. You could see that in the rapt faces and hear it in their screams.

Elvis himself wasn't on stage very long. But he worked like a hound dog while he was. He sang most of the songs that have made him famous, starting with Heartbreak Hotel and then working through "Don't Be Cruel" and "Loving You".

He clowned and he hammed it up and he seemed to be having as good a time as his audience obviously was. Sure he shook and gyrated and every time he did it, 14,600 people let out a whoop.

Courtesy of Francesc Lopez