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Blue Egyptian Bird

Original name: Blue Egyptian Bird

Other names: Blue Prehistoric Bird, Blue Bicentennial Suit

Description: Blue jumpsuit with blue silk puff sleeves, Egyptian bird design done in embroidery.

Original belt


This one, and the "Colourful Flame Suit" were the last 'new' jumpsuits made for Elvis. Both were used during 1976 for the first, and last time.
Elvis wore the "Blue Egyptian Bird" for the first time on his 1976 March 21st afternoon show. He had to change the suit during the show, as he "busted the seat out of his pants"... the suit that replaced the broken one was the "Rainfall". The suit was repaired for the following April tour, and used quite frequently after the incident.
Also a counterpart was made, but with reversed colours: White Egyptian Bird.

Other Photos

Photo with Elvis showing the rip

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