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Black Phoenix Suit

Original name: Black Phoenix Suit

Other names: Black Eagle suit

Description: White jumpsuit with black eagle design done in embroidery.

At least two different "Zebra Belt's" were designed for the suit.


The eagle on the "Phoenix" suits wasn't originally designed as a bird. The original design was supposed to be two zebra heads bowing into each other, but when Elvis saw the sketches, his comment was "that bird has funny feet", as he was looking at the sketch upside down. So a bird design it came... but if you look at the design upside down, you can still see the two zebras in there.
The "Black Phoenix" was possibly made and delivered for Elvis in 1974 (just like the 1974 "Turquoise Phoenix"), but so far no evidence has surfaced that Elvis would have worn it back then, the first photographical evidence of Elvis wearing the suit comes from the 1975 May/June tour.
As with the "Red Phoenix", there were at least two 'original/matching belts' designed for this suit as well ... the first version was worn only in 1975, while the second one was worn only in 1976

Photos from 1975 Original belt

Photos from 1976 Original belt

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