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Red Phoenix Suit

Original name: Red Phoenix Suit

Other names: Red Eagle suit

Description: White jumpsuit with red bird facing right.

At least two different "Zebra Belts"; both designed for this suit.


The bird on the "Phoenix" suits wasn't originally designed as a bird. The original design was supposed to be two zebra heads bowing into each other, but when Elvis saw the sketches, his comment was "that bird has funny feet", as he was looking at the design upside down. So a bird design it came... but if you look at the design upside down, you can still see the two zebras in there...
At least two different belts were designed for the suit. The first one was used through 1975. When Elvis wore this suit again during his final Las Vegas engagement in December 1976, he wore it with an alternative belt.
This is the only one of the four "Phoenix" suits that has a bird facing right. It wasn't suppose to be that way; this was a mistake on the designers part

Photos from 1975 Original belt

Photos from 1976 Second belt

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