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Original name: Chief

Other names: Indian Feather

Description: White jumpsuit with Native American symbols done in embroidery. Orange lined kickpleats.

Original "Chief Belt" (1975)
Second "Chief Belt" (1976-77)


This suit made it's debut on the May 31st, 1975 afternon show. Elvis wore it again many times during the 1975 May/June and July tours. Elvis started re-wearing the suit on the latter part of 1976; from then on, it was worn several times until it's last appearance in February 21st, 1977.
Two belts were designed for the suit; the first one was used through 1975, and the second one was used in 1976 and in 1977.

Photos from 1975 with Original "Chief Belt"

Photos from 1976 with Second "Chief Belt"

Photos from 1977 with Second "Chief Belt"

Timeline 1975
Timeline 1976
Timeline 1977

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