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Navy Blue Two-piece with colourful flames

Original name: Navy Blue Two-piece

Other names: --

Description: Navy blue sleeveless jumpsuit, navy blue jacket with colourful flame design on the shoulders.

No belt was made for this suit(?)


One of the several similar 'two-piece' suits Elvis wore during March - May 1975.
Although these 1975 (navy blue/white) suits are often referred as two-piece suits (pants & jacket), they're not exactly that. They're more like jumpsuits without sleeves, and a jacket on top. Also different coloured silk shirts were part of the outfits.
No picture or footage of Elvis wearing this suit has surfaced. He most likely wore it in Vegas a couple of times during his 1975 March/April stand.
There was also jumpsuit made for Elvis in 1976 with the same type of flame design; the Colourful Flame Suit.

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