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New CDS keep being released, some have been already released under different titles, some are complete new ! Interesting that new audience concerts are being found after all these years.

We were fortunate to take a trip to Texas visiting some of the cities where Elvis played and also visiting the Public Libraries to collect newspaper ads and reviews from the 50s. Check often the newspaper section since we are doing daily updates. Now you can read all about this trip here

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Elvis Tidbits:

There is no doubt that Elvis Presley is one of the most influential performing artists of all time. He redefined music and set new benchmarks in entertainment. He was so big that when he liked something, sales for that product or numbers for that activity exploded. When he said he liked playing live roulette while in Vegas, suddenly that became very popular. Likewise, when word leaked out that he liked to eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches they became incredibly popular.

For young people who weren't around during Elvis' time, it is hard to describe how big the King was. Think Madonna multiplied by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Elvis' 1973 concert was the first one to be conducted live via satellite and he was a major motion picture movie star.

He received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at the tender age of 36. Is the King really dead? Some bookmakers are taking bets that he is still alive. In some way this is fitting as if there was one thing that Elvis really loved to do - it was to place a bet while he was in Vegas. This all began while he was in Las Vegas filming Viva Las Vegas.

Elvis starred in over 30 movies. In the 60s, his output was profilic. Every year of the decade he was in at least one movie and many times three films. This is a worth ethic which is unheard of today.

With the huge popularity in Elvis, it should come as no surprise that Elvis is the highest earning deceased celebrity. His estate rakes in millions of dollars from all of the different ways in which his likeness and songs are being used today. The King is possibly bigger than he was while he was alive.

There are Elvis themed restuarants, Elvis themed casinos and Elvis themed cruises. People love connecting with Elvis and there is nothing wrong with trying to incorporate as many aspects of him into your life. So if you are going to have a party, why not make it an Elvis party? And if you are going to have a slots tournament, why not make it an Elvis-themed slots tournament? If you are going to play bingo, why not make it Elvis themed bingo?

Whether or not he is alive isn't important. What is important is that his music lives. It is more popular than ever and his songs are being covered all the time. There was nothing as special as an Elvis concert and this website is dedicated to them. Should you have any questions or feedback you can contact us here.