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Whether you are a veteran fan or just beginning to appreciate Elvis' talent and genius, you can find detailed information on the concerts Elvis performed between 1954-1961, and also 1969-1977.

See photos from his concerts, read newspaper articles and first hand accounts of fans who attended them, and take a look at the spectacular jumpsuits Elvis wore. Feel free to browse our pages using the menu on the left, or if you are looking for specific information, click on the Concert Database above, which will allow you to search the site more efficiently. You are also welcome to participate in our forum.

We are grateful for the collaboration of many generous fans (listed in the "credits" section) who have shared their photos, information and ideas so that this collection could be presented.

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Elvis Presley in Concert was created on February 1996, and over the years has grown and expanded into many categories. This could not have been accomplished without the generous and faithful help of other Elvis fans around the world.

Some have graciously sent an article or a photo, and others have now been contributing for years. Still others are invaluable in helping identify and verify that the information is accurate. Thank you to everybody who have made the Elvis Presley in Concert website possible by contributing or by simply visiting our pages through the years.

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Latest Announcements:

New CDS keep being released, some have been already released under different titles, some are complete new ! Interesting that new audience concerts are being found after all these years.

In 2013, we took a trip to Arizona visiting Phoenix and Tucson Read it here

In 2011, We were fortunate to take a trip to Texas visiting some of the cities where Elvis played and also visiting the Public Libraries to collect newspaper ads and reviews from the 50s. Check often the newspaper section since we are doing daily updates. Now you can read all about this trip here

Tribute Artists in Vegas

Let's Bingo The Elvis Presley Way

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