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August 3, 1969 Dinner Show. Las Vegas, NV.
(Opening Night 1969 vs The Return Of A Prodigy)


August 21, 1970 Dinner Show. Las Vegas, NV.
(From Vegas To Macon vs August Reloaded)


November 10, 1971 Boston, MA.
(The Power Of Zhazam vs One Night Only!)


April 9, 1972 (8:30 PM) Hampton Roads, VA.
(Live In Virginia vs The Hampton Roads Concert)

April 10, 1972 Richmond, VA.
(Carry Me Back To Old Virginia vs Red Hot In Richmond)

April 14, 1972 Greensboro, VA.
(Sweet Carolina vs A Greensboro Revolution)

September 4, 1972, Las Vegas, NV. (Dinner Show)
(I'll Remember You - Don't Think Twice vs A Hilton Double Shot)

November 15, 1972 (8:30 PM), Long Beach, CA
(A New Live Experience vs Downtown Long Beach)


February 2, 1973, Las Vegas, NV (Midnight Show)
(I'll Remember You - Don't Think Twice vs A Hilton Double Shot)

February 3, 1973, Las Vegas, NV (Dinner Show)
(It's A Matter Of Time vs Vegas Rhythm)

February 15, 1973 DS Las Vegas, NV.
(Las Vegas Dinner Show vs Faded Love)

August 12, 1973, Las Vegas, NV. (Midnight Show)
(Crying Time In Vegas vs Vegas Variety Vol 4)

August 26, 1973 MS Las Vegas, NV.
(Caught In The Act vs Before Darkness Falls [CD2])


May 24, 1974 MS, Lake Tahoe, Stateline, NV
(Spanish Eyes vs Spanish Eyes, By Request!)


Apri 24 1975 (8:30 pm) Macon, GA.
(From Vegas To Macon vs In The Heart Of Georgia)

July 19 1975 (2:30 pm) Uniondale, NY.
(America's Own Vol.1, Vol 2 vs America's Own (Ampex))

July 19 1975 (8:30 pm) Uniondale, NY.
(America's Vol 2 vs You'll Never Walk Alone)

December 13, 1975 MS Las Vegas, NV.
(Just Pretend, Unsurpassed Masters Vol 4 vs Good To Be Back)


March 21, 1976 (8:30 pm) Cincinnati, OH.
(Holding Back The Years vs A New Kind Of Rhythm!)

July 5, 1976 (8:30 pm) Memphis, TN.
(Goodbye Memphis vs The Final Homecoming)

July 24, 1976 (8:30 pm) Charleston WV.
(Hurt vs Charleston Rocks)

November 28, 1976. San Francisco, CA.
(America The Beautiful vs San Francisco Bay Blues)

December 28, 1976. Dallas, TX.
(A Hot Winter In Dallas vs At Full Force)

December 29, 1976. Birmingham, AL.
(Burning In Birmingham vs High Voltage)


April 24, 1977, Ann Arbor, MI & April 26, 1977, Kalamazoo, MI.
(The King On Stage, Vol. 1 CD4, Memories From Kalamazoo, Shakin' Up The Great Lakes)

June 26, 1977 (8:30 pm) Indianapolis, IN.
(Adios - The Final Performance vs The Final Farewell)





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