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Elvis concert references of Glen by Mike Morgan

11/14/70 - Los Angeles
An "unreleased" import concert, no cd liners exist and there is no "official" title.

Track #6: During Polk Salad Annie, he references as to how Glen & Tom Jones would move to the song. Elvis says "..Jones, Campbell, hot damn!.."

Track #16: A second reference is made as he starts singing Hound Dog. He gets out the first "You ain't.." and then mentions: "..I was really 19 years old when I did this song and my voice was much higher. I'm gonna bring in Wayne Newton to sing it for me, Glen Campbell, he can done it..." As Elvis starts to mention Glen's name, his voice goes high pitched and stayed that way as he began singing the song. He gradually brings it back to his normal voice.

Go Cat Go - 11/16/70 (Oklahoma City)

Track #6: First of two references, starting with Polk Salad Annie. During the instrumental portion, he goes thru his classic body motion (dance) moves. He then comes out saying how others would move to this song and impersonates them: "..Tom Jones.., Glen Campbell - Hot Damn Y'all .."

Track #7: The second reference is during band introductions: "...On lead guitar is the best guitar player since Glen Campbell, Mr. James Burton.."

Kicked It Up Dallas - 11/13/71 (Dallas)
Sundial Production SP-401

Track #6: At the end of Polk Salad Annie, he says: "Thank you" in his normal voice. All of a sudden, Elvis kicks into high gear and says something to the effect: "..Good evening everybody, I'm Glen Campbell - Hot damn how are you.." He says this in trying to imitate Glen's Goodtime Hour opening pitch. Another odd thing, Elvis makes this second introduction of himself to everyone, half way thru the concert.

2/8/74 - Las Vegas, NV
An "unreleased" concert, no cd liners exist and there is no "official" title.

Track #16: He references Glen during band intros & sings one line of Phoenix: "On the piano is Glen Campbell, uh Glen Hardin...By the time I get to Phoenix."

Elvis Event Number 8 - 3/3/74 (Houston)
Madison CWP 03

Track #13: Elvis makes a reference of Glen, during the band introductions: "..On the piano is Glen Campbell, uh no, uh, Glen Hardin.."

Live At The Forum - 5/11/74 (Los Angeles)
TLC 2000-01

Track #2: After the second song, he introduces himself to the audience: "..my name is Glen Campbell, or is it Wayne Newton.. honey, I'll, I'll come around - I'll make the rounds.."

A Profile, The King On Stage Vol. 1 - 6/29/74 (Kansas City)
Fort Baxter 161095

Track #17: The track is titled after Glen and Elvis is just about finished with this concert and stops to introduce the band: "..On the piano from, uh, Lubbock Texas is Glen Campbell, uh, Glen Hardin..".

8/28/74 - Dinner show. Las Vegas, NV
An "unreleased" import concert, no cd liners exist and there is no "official" title.

Track #2: At the end of I Got A Woman / Amen track, Elvis references Glen by saying:
"Thank you very much. Good evening ladies & gentlemen, my name is Glen Campbell."

It's Tahoe Time - 10/13/74 - Midnight show. Lake Tahoe, NV
Rainbow Records RR19741013-2

Track #2: At the end of I Got A Woman / Amen Track, Elvis references Glen by saying:
"Thank you very much ladies & gentlemen. Good evening, my name is Glen Campbell. I just say enjoy yourselves ... We'll sing a lot of songs ... "

Top Acts In Vegas Vol. 5 - 3/18/75 (Las Vegas)
Top Acts EP 5014

Track #17: An entire track is dedicated to this reference. Glen was in the audience and Elvis wanted to introduce him. It was unfortunate that Glen was in the restroom at the time and Elvis makes comments of this.

5/7/76 - Lake Tahoe, NV
An "unreleased" concert, no cd liners exist and there is no "official" title.

Track #3: Finishing I Got a Woman / Amen: Not at his best and he makes a reference at an odd segment. He goes into a routine before ending with the last few lines of Amen: "..Now that's all I'll do is the rest of the show, I'll do like Wayne Newton..(fans start to razz him)..or Glen Campbell, hey y'all" ".

12/2/76 - Las Vegas (Opening Show)

Track #11: Track is titled after Glen. At the end of the band introductions, Elvis introduces Vicki Carr and Glen.
Elvis says.."Uh, a couple in the audience I'd like to uh, for you to meet and say hello and welcome to the show, one of them is a dear friend of mine, but ladies first.." When he intros Glen, he starts in a joking manner - "..and the other one is weird (laughs), from where?, Delight Arkansas, Delight Arkansas?, (makes comments about Delight) ..uh, but he's one of the finest singers and musicians, Glen Campbell...". The audience really screams and applauds twice. Elvis says "..that's enough, sit down". The audience gives another loud applause after that. Elvis says "Hey Glen" - Elvis laughs and audience breaks up in laughter. / "I want to talk to you about the imitation you do of me.." Glen says something that's difficult to hear. "I don't know ...." (and continues talking to Glen).

A second reference was made during a reprise of "Hurt".
Track #13: Elvis says: "I'll tell you what, I'll try it again, if you want to hear it again. Hey Glen, I mean you sing high son. I may need some help."

A third reference is made when singing Blue Christmas.
Track #16: Elvis is trying to get the guitar situated and says: "But I can play; I know three chords, A, B, and D. Not necessarily in that order". Someone then mentions Glen's name. Glen says something to Elvis (hard to hear). Then Elvis says "I'll tell you what, you wait until I come to see your show son; you know. You won't have a moment of peace."

Glen starts talking and gradually you'll hear him saying to Elvis "If I was singing as good as you are, I wouldn't worry about it at all." Elvis responds, "Oh, well thank you Glen. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Well, that's it."

To sum up everything else tied to this 12/76 concert, the below link shows a commentary line with reference to Glen by Crazy Canuck: http://www.elvis-collectors.com/cc1976-9.html

The interview Glen did and reported in an Australian paper in '77, which was a result of that 12/2/76 concert. Glen is quoted as saying: "It was just incredible. In Vegas, I was kidding him. He introduced me and said `Campbell, I understand you're doing an imitation of me. I just want you to know it will always be an imitation.' And I said `I'm not gonna do it no more. I got to gain some weight first.' He laughed and the audience went `oh, hey, boo'. I said `can't you take a joke?' Elvis could take it but the audience just got on my ass. Elvis said: `Well, when you're down here next I'm coming down and I'm gonna sit in the front row and read a newspaper and heckle.' The audience laughed and I said `Elvis if I'm singing as good as you are, I won't care.' Backstage we were talking and I said 'Did you believe the way the people reacted?' Elvis said 'Yeah, I know, it's like everything is supposedly taboo because people are afraid they will say something that isn't true.' He didn't say lied, he said tell you something other than the facts. That makes life so much harder to deal with than if people tell you what they think. People are afraid to say `hey, Elvis, you're fat'. I didn't say Hey Elvis you're fat, I just said you better back away from the table. I mean there are cool ways of handling it. In fact, I was teasing and said can I have some of your old clothes. He said `Campbell, you ain't getting 'em. I'm gonna grow back into them." Their meeting was all part of that 12/2/76 concert.

Burning In Birmingham - 12/29/76 (Birmingham)
2001 - 05

Track #2: Elvis started this concert with See See Rider. Track 2 consisted of I Got A Woman / Amen. The reference to Glen is at the 6:40 mark: "Thank you very much. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Glen Campbell. I'd like to say uh, welcome to the show and..."

Greetings From Saginaw - 4/25/77 (Saginaw)
Stage Entertainment EP 5005

Track #2: After he sings his opening numbers, I Got A Woman/Amen, Elvis says: "Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen - uh, my name is Glen Campbell and I don't know how we got here. We came by bus, we did..."

Mike Morgan