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Colorful Flame Suit

Original name: Colorful Flame Suit

Other names: --

Description: White jumpsuit with a colourful flame design.

Original "Flame Belt"


This was the very last "new" jumpsuit that was made for Elvis, and what he got to wear on-stage. After this suit, he mostly relied on some of the "old" ones .
It has been said that Elvis didn't like this suit very much. It was too "flashy", even for him.
Interestingly, Elvs had two versions of this suit, one with red kickpleats and other one with orange kickpleats.
There was one 1975 Navy Blue Two-piece which had the same type of flame design on the shoulders/legs as the design on this jumpsuit, but unfortunately no photographs nor footage of Elvis wearing the suit has surfaced.

Today, the complete suit (suit w/ orange kickpleats & original belt) is owned by EPE/Graceland, the other version is in private hands, and is possibly one of the suits that was sold during the "EPE auction".

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