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The World of Elvis Jumpsuits - 1975

White Egyptian Bird

Original name: White Egyptian Bird

Other names: White Prehistoric Bird, White Bicentennial Suit

Description: White jumpsuit with blue silk puff sleeves, Egyptian bird design done in embroidery.

Second "Chief Belt" (1975)
Original belt (1976)
"Egyptian Belt" (1976)


Although this suit is mostly associated with the year 1976, Elvis already wore it once in 1975 during his December Las Vegas engagement.
Besides the original belt, Elvis wore the suit with two other belts. When Elvis first wore this suit, he didn't wear it with the original belt, but instead, with the second "Chief Belt". The original belt, and the "Egyptian Belt" were both worn during 1976.
Also a counterpart was made, but with reversed colours: the Blue Egyptian Bird
Today the suit is private hands, this is possibly one of the suits that was sold during the "EPE auction".

Photos from 1975 with Second "Chief Belt"

Photos from 1976 with Original Belt

Photos from 1976 with Egyptian Belt

Photos from 1976 with Egyptian Belt buckle broken

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