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Navy Blue Two-piece

Original name: Navy Blue Two-piece with snake design

Other names: --

Description: Navy blue sleeveless jumpsuit, navy blue jacket with snake design on the shoulders. Blue lined kickpleats.

A belt was made, but Elvis never wore it with this suit.


One of the several similar 'two-piece' suits Elvis wore during March - May 1975.
Although these 1975 (navy blue/white) suits are often referred as two-piece suits (pants & jacket), they're not exactly that. They're more like jumpsuits without sleeves, and a jacket on top. Also different coloured silk shirts were part of the outfits.
Elvis wore this suit very rarely. It was worn a few times during the previous Vegas engagement (1975 March/April), but only once on tour. It also appears that Elvis actually wore the whole suit(!) as casual wear during his 1975 July tour.

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