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Original name: Egyptian

Other names: Inca Gold Leaf

Description: White jumpsuit with Egyptian design done in embroidery. Gold lined kickpleats.

Original "Egyptian Belt"

The "Egyptian" made it's debut during the 1974 June/July tour. After that, it wasn't worn again until October of 1976. It was worn several times from then on, including a few times in Vegas. The last time Elvis wore the suit was during the famous 1976 December tour (on December 29th, to be exact).
Only one belt was designed for the suit, but Elvis used it two different belt buckles (besides the original); in 1974, the belt had it's original buckle, but in 1976, it was used with the belt buckles from the "Chinese Dragon", and "Chief".

Photos (1974)

Photos (1976) with Chinese buckle belt

Photos (1976) with Chief buckle belt

Timeline 1974
Timeline 1976

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