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Adonis suit

Original name: Adonis suit

Other names: White Comet suit

Description: White jumpsuit with matching gold lined cape.

Gold Attendace belt

This suit made its debut during the first MSG concert (June 9th).
An original belt was possibly made for the suit, but Elvis didn't wear it. He wore the suit with the "Gold Attendance Belt".
Kurt Russell wore this suit in the 1979 movie "Elvis" ... he wore the real thing. Director John Carpenter and Kurt Russell visited Graceland during the preparations of the movie. It was important that Kurt would get a true feeling of it all. Vernon Presley suggested Kurt would try on one of Elvis jumpsuits, and he did. Then they decided, with Vernon's approval to used it in the movie.
Later that year Vernon died and the suit was never returned. It was put on auction and now it is on display at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando. (Thanks to Leroy for the details)

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