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Red Pinwheel

Original name: Red Pinwheel

Other names: Red Matador, Burning Love Suit

Description: Red jumpsuit with matching white lined cape. White lined kickpleats.

Gold Attendance Belt

One of the three "pinwheel" suits Elvis had. Click on the links for more information of the other two; Black Pinwheel and White Pinwheel
There was no original/matching belt designed for the suit , but as mentioned above, Elvis wore the "Gold Attendance Belt" with it.
A picture of Elvis in this suit was featured on the cover of his 1972 single "Burning Love", that is where the fans got the nickname for this suit (Burning Love Suit).
Although Elvis only wore this suit in 1972, it is clearly a 1971 design and was comissioned that year.
This is the only red jumpsuit Elvis ever wore/had, which makes it quite special.

The complete suit (suit & cape) is owned by a private collector (MS).
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