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Fringe Suit

Original name: Fringe suit

Other names: --

Description: White jumpsuit with short fringes. The different coloured beads on the fringes are wooden.

Original white macrame belt
Green macrame belt
Blue macrame belt

This suit made its debut on the opening night of the 1970 August/September Las Vegas engagement, while MGM was filming the documentary film "Elvis: That's The Way It Is".
It has turned out that there were most likely two 'identical' version of the "Fringe Suit" ... the 'first version' was worn during August/September (Vegas), as well as September (tour). The 'second version' came to play for the November 1970 tour; it had slightly 'thinner', as well as more fringes than the previous version.
Elvis wore the "Fringe Suit" with at least three different belts, and different coloured scarves.
Interestingly, the order of the wooden beads on the fringes was altered basically in-between each tour.
Photos with white macrame belt

Photos with green macrame belt

Photos with blue macrame belt

Exhibited at Graceland

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